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Apple Trees

Dessert & Cookers 2017- 18

Most Apples are available on dwarf, semi vigorous & vigorous rootstocks M9, M26, MM106, M25 or M111


Adams Pearmain

Rich, aromatic, sweet and nutty flavour. Good red brown colour, attractive looking. Excellent keeper and good general disease resistance. 19th C Norfolk/Hereford.

Group 2 Pick Early-mid Oct Stores - Nov-Mar

Arthur Turner

Well known and award winning cooker that needs very little sugar. Makes good pies, yellow brisk puree and bakes well. Heavy cropper. Bucks, 1912

Group 3, Pick Sept   , stores -   Sept-Nov

Ashmead’s Kernal

Award winning for flavour rather than looks,  with a strong sweet sharp pear drop flavour, and firm white flesh. Very old and still popular English variety. Yellow gold colour. Gloucs, 1782

Group 4 Triploid Early . Pick - mid Oct. Stores -    Dec - Feb

Bakers Delicious

Juicy, sweet, with lots of sugar and strong acidity. Good early dessert apple. Attractive looking orange flush on yellow. Resistant to scab and mildew, Wales 1932  

Group 1. Pick Sept. Stores - Sept

Bardsey Apple

Known as the ‘sainted’ apple, Bardsey was discovered on an ancient tree growing on that island. Excellent hardy and disease resistant cooking variety. Delicate lemon scent and refreshing flavour.

Group 3 . Pick- Sept. Stores - Sept - Nov

Blenheim Orange

Lovely, classic English variety with large fruits. Sweet with distinctive dry nutty flavour. Dual purpose dessert and cooking apple. Strong grower and heavy cropping. Resistant to mildew. Oxfordshire 1740

Group 4 Triploid. Pick -  Late sept – early oct. Stores - Oct-dec


Strong acidity and flavour. Cooks to a pale cream puree. Can be used as a sharp eating apple in spring as mellows with storage at home. Heavy cropping. 1809-1813 Notts

 Group 3. Triploid. Pick - Early Oct. Stores- Nov - Mar

Cornish Gilliflower

A popular Cornish variety with very attractive pink blossom. Sweet, rich and aromatic. 

Group 3 . Pick - October. Stores til January

Court Pendu Plat

Rich, fruity, strong pineapple-like acidity mellows to become sweet. One of the oldest recorded varieties and very disease resistant. 1613 France

Group 5. Pick -  Late Oct. Stores until March

Court of Wick

Fruity, crisp, sweet & juicy. Resistant to scab and canker. Somerset 1790’s

Group 4 . Pick - Sept. Stores until Nov

D’arcy Spice

A good sweet dual purpose apple also noted for its unusual spice-like flavour. Crops very lateand stores well. Also good for juice. Partially self fertile but not suitable as pollinator for other apples. 1800’s Essex

Group 4. Pick -  Late oct - Nov. Stores until Feb

Devonshire Quarrenden

Strong berry flavour, sweet but balanced with acidity. Very old Devon variety for summer picking. Does not store. Devon 1676

Group 1 . Pick -  Mid august. Does not store


Worcester Pearmain x poss Beauty of Bath. Bright red with crisp, juicy, often pink stained flesh with a hint of Strawberry flavour. Unusual for early apple as slow to drop. Resistant to scab and mildew. 1949, Essex

Group 3. Pick- Mid – Late Aug. Stores until Sept

Dumelow’s Seedling

Similar to a Bramley it cooks to a sharp strongly flavoured cream puree but with an even creamier texture. Very good baked, juicy and smooth. Also recommended for mincemeat. Has a spreading habit. 1700 Leics

Group 5. Pick - Early to mid oct Stores until Apr

Egremont Russet

Popular Russet. Sweet and firm with a rich nutty flavour, developing to smoky, tannic quality when stored. Resistant to scab and very good pollinator.

recorded 1872, origin unknown

Group 2. Pick -  Late Sept- early Oct. Stores until Dec


Rich, aromatic, sweet & crisp. Great garden apple, similar to Cox but with heavier crops and an all round hardier tree. Kent 1972

Group 3. Pick - October. Stores until Dec/Jan


Very early sweet red summer apple with raspberry/redcurrant flavour.  Easy to grow with good resistance to scab and canker. 1780, Worcs        Group 4

Partially self fertile. pick - July. Does not store

Irish Peach

Popular early variety. Rich balance of sweet and acid with juicy, slightly perfumed flesh. At its best eaten straight from the tree. Some disease and wooly aphid resistance. Trad. Irish poss. Sligo, sent to England 1819

Group 2. Pick -  Mid Aug. Does not store


Flavour of Cox, sweet, juicy, aromatic, but more robust variety than Cox. Also makes great juice. Strong growing. Kent 1966

Group 3. Triploid. Pick - Early October. Stores until Jan


A.k.a Katja. A Swedish cross between James Grieve and Worcester Pearmain. Sweet, juicy and acid with strawberry flavour. Makes great juice & cider. 1947, Sweden

Group 3. Pick - Early Sept . Stores until - early Oct

Kidd's Orange Red

Sweet, crisp and aromatic, good dessert apple and for juice. Mellows on storage to have an unusual flowery, rose petal quality. Attractive blossom. 1924, New Zealand          Group 3. Pick - Mid Oct. Stores until - Jan

Lord Lambourne

Delicious dessert apple, refreshing, sweet, juicy and acid with some strawberrry flavour. Crisp flesh. Also good for juicing. Good disease resistance.1907, Bedford

Group 2. Pick - Mid Sept. Stores until – Nov

Lucombe's Pine Apple

Gold coloured with russet freckles. Firm flesh, rich, aromatic and acid like a pineapple. Recommended for juice. Good resistance to scab.1800, Exeter,  Devon

Group 4. Pick -  Early Oct. Stores until Feb

Norfolk Royal Russet

Very attractive, showing bright red cheek peeping through gold russet. Quite intense, good rich taste, crisp and sweet.A sport of Norfolk Royal (1908) taken 1983

 Group 5. Pick - Early Sept. stores until Dec

Orleans Reinette

Great dessert apple also good cooker – sweet and keeps shape when cooked. Nutty, sweet and aromatic. Red flush over golden yellow. France 18th C

Group 4 . Pick- October. Stores until Nov-Jan

Pitmaston Pine Apple

Delicious pineapple like flavour mixed with honey and musk. Old English variety.  Heavy cropping and good disease resistance. Hereford 1785

Group 4. Pick - Oct. Stores until Dec

Rosemary Russet

Award winning russet. Sweet, aromatic and with a taste of acid drops. A popular garden apple, declared by Bunyard to be ‘One of the best late sorts’. Attractive blossom. 1831 Middlesex

Group 3. Pick - Ear – Mid Oct. Stores until Nov -Mar


Very popular eating variety. Flavour a cross between Melon and Strawberry when it is at its best. Sweet, juicy with some acidity and crisp white flesh. 1926, Canada

Group 3. Pick - Early Oct. Stores untilJan


Cox’s Orange Pippin Seedling. Like a small and early Cox, and easier to grow as resistant to scab. Intensely flavoured, aromatic, robust and good. Pretty orange and red over yellow, hence name, and attractive blossom. Heavy cropping. 1918, Kent

Group 3, Self fertile. Pick - Late Sept. Stores until Dec

Tydeman’s Late Orange

Another popular Cox style apple with a late season. Dark purple-red with golden russeting. Intensely rich and aromatic, the flavour is stronger and sharper than Cox, but mellows with storage. Heavy cropping. 1929 Kent

Group 4. Pick -  Mid oct. Stores until april.

William Crump

Cox crossed with Worcester. Rich, intense flavour., sweet and lots of pineapple acidity. Orange-red flush over yellow-green and red stripes. 1910 Worcester

Group 3. Pick -  October Stores until Dec-Feb


Aromatic like a Cox but sharper, mellowing with storage. Can store until April and becomes more colourful by New Year.  Very good disease resistance. 1920, Berks         Group 5, Self fertile. Pick - Mid Oct. Stores until Apr