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Heritage apple trees for sale

Fruit Trees & Gift Vouchers

Bare-root fruit trees will now be available for delivery from December 2018, quantities of new stock will be known in July, once the grafts have fully taken, if you would like to pre-order for December, please email us directly.

For a list of potted trees please also get in touch, these are available for local pick-up only.

Cornish Aromatic

Cornish Aromatic

from 10.00

Firm and fruity, crisp and nutty, with some pineapple flavour. Smaller apples but tasty, keeps well and pretty, becoming red with some russet. An old fashioned variety which will grow well even on damp soils. Good disease resistance and stores well.

Cornwall 1813

Pollination Group: 4

Harvest time: October

Storage time: can keep until december- february

Disease resistance: very resistant to canker and scab

Rootstock, age & type:
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