Rare-breed Meat

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Rare Breed Meat

Just bought a half! Oh Oh Oh So good! Has so much more flavour.
— Richard Wiltshire

Rare- breed meat is slow growing, and whilst joints are leaner and smaller, they are extra tasty...

Shetland Hogget

Shetland Hogget


Shetland sheep

We sell our Shetlands when they are older than one year, making them Hogget, rather than Lamb. Golden Guernsey goat meat,

Half Shetland Box - £75

Whole Shetland Box  - £140

Golden Guernsey Goat

Goat meat is very lean in itself, and becoming increasingly popular as people catch on in the U.K. Our Golden Guernsey goat meat is from £9kg to £13kg depending on the cut, and available in half young goat or joints


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